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Sunday, May 23, 2010

LastBlast vs. LashBlast Length

These two products have a few things in common. They are both CoverGirl and they are both of the LashBlast variety. But they have some very distinct differences.

  1. LashBlast (volume): This mascara is absolutely excellent! It came out last year when the LashBlast line started. I have the color black-brown and its perfect for my skin tone and hair, it defines my eyes, but still looks natural. It has a pretty short stem and a really fat brush. It gives tons of volume to your lashes, which i love! Some of the cons of this product is that it can clump (if applied the wrong way) and it does flake. I find that if you comb through your lashes with an eyebrow brush or a spoolie, there are no clumping problems. $8.99 at most drugstores, www.covergirl.com
  2. LashBlast Length: This mascara is wonderful, in some different ways than the regular one. It is specifically a lengthening mascara, so it makes your lashes look darker and longer. I also think it makes them look fuller, while still looking natural. It has a really long stem and a skinny brush, which can make application a little less precise. It is virtually clump free and flake free, which is a great plus! It is also water resistant (note: that does not mean water proof! This mascara does come off with soap and water, but if you say, have a water fight or something, it won't run all over your face). $8.99 at most drugstores, www.covergirl.com
Overall, I like both of these mascaras for different purposes and reasons. I find myself reaching for the LashBlast Length a little more often just because it is flake free and water resistant, which makes it the better choice for school. I recommend them both and I think they are both amazing products!

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